Ooh I’ll get pretty,
Ooh I’ll get skinny,
Then I’ll be something to see.
Because, ooh the wall
Ooh is all
I can get to listen to me.

Thank you Miss January.

Jack of all
Queen of none
Come and pile it on
What I’m doing wrong.
Another year is gone.
If I don’t know what I want,
How can I get it?

This white sky
I can barley see.
Is this happening?
Stuck in disbelief.
Looking back I see…

Ooh I’ll get dollars.
Ooh I’ll get colors
To look like I’m something unique.
Ooh I’ll take lessons.
Ooh I’ll take sessions
To be something better than me.

Music and Lyrics by Erika Lloyd

Vocals, Drum programming: Erika Lloyd
Piano, Synth, Drum Programming: Brad Whiteley
Guitar: Cameron Mizell

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