Two small bananas,
toothbrush, comb,
crayons, her dog,
slide boots, pillow,
silver hairspray,
ray gun on go

Bad, she’s bad,
she’s bad, she’s so bad…

Straps her pack upon her back,
walks out into clear air deciding,
“Perfect day for spaceship riding,
leaving all these spheres behind.
Tired of being so small,
don’t want to be little at all,
I would rather be much taller
like the monkey in the doll room.
I’ll sphere bounce off universe walls,
until I crash
and make them fall.

Walking through the door,
finding out there’s more than more,
more than more,
more than more,
colors I have not
seen before…”

Little grey girlfriend,
little grey girlfriend

Stay away from holes.
Wash your face
and dry your clothes.
Heaven knows,
heaven knows:
little girls are targets for foes.

Little grey girlfriend…

Little Grey Girlfriend

Music by Erika Lloyd & Brad Whiteley
Lyrics by Erika Lloyd

Vocals, Trumpet: Erika Lloyd
Instrumentation, Drum Programming: Brad Whiteley

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