Here’s a great photo of Chanticleer, Vince Peterson, and me!  On April 6 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Chanticleer gave an enchanting performance of our song “Cells Planets.”  To learn more about this event and the musical collaboration, check out this article from NYC Art Scene:

Grammy-Winning Men’s Chorus Features Local Indie Music

In more recent news, we’re currently putting together a new song demo of “Lovesick for the World” and another cover video.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Until then,
Erika Lloyd

I hadn’t even realized how well the lyrics of “Cells Planets” fit with the feelings of loneliness and disconnect, but excitement, while on tour.  The awesome guys of Chanticleer made a great video showing just that.  I’m so used to seeing them in their concert tuxedos- it’s fun to see them in their normal street clothes, sending messages to the people they love, goofing off together, and jumping on the bed! 

Check it out!
Erika Lloyd

Chanticleer’s glorious version  of “Cells Planets” (arr. Vince Peterson) is now available for download at the Chanticleer Music Store!

Okay, so maybe it’s for underlying personal reasons, but I have not yet been able to listen to this without tearing up.  I challenge you to take a listen without getting very emotional!  These twelve incredible musicians have powers beyond my understanding, bringing the meaning of the song alive and reminding you of your exciting but vulnerable human existence.  Don’t believe me?  Listen to Chanticleer singing “Cells Planets” right here:

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By purchasing this track at the Chanticleer Music Store you’ll be supporting fantastic live music.  (See how I added the link again to make sure you click on it?  Ya, I’m that sneaky.)  If you’re short on cash, just check your couch cushions and the sidewalk in front of your house because the track only costs 99 measly little cents.

In all seriousness, I could not have even dreamt that this song would be performed by such an amazing choir.  Help me make even more undreamt dreams come true by supporting this collaboration!

Erika Lloyd

Erika was recently interviewed by San Fransisco Classical Voice about the use of Little Grey Girlfriend’s hit song “Cells Planets” by the Grammy Award winning choir, Chanticleer.  The article, Chanticleer: Out of This World touches on her similar philosophy of all-encompassing performance and writing and how the song was arranged for this choir.  It’s a cool article and a quick read, check it out!

“We’re certainly singing for the same reasons and about the same emotions. The Pixies really aren’t that far off from 11th-century troubadours.”
~Erika Lloyd

This past Friday, Little Grey Girlfriend was mentioned in the music section of the New York Times! The article Embracing the Renaissance and YouTube, Too discusses all of the exciting things happening with Grammy award-winning a cappella ensemble Chanticleer, including their premiering a choral arrangement of our song, “Cells Planets,” on their upcoming world tour!  (Our mention is in the 10th paragraph of the article.)

I can’t help but think of how and when that song was written: on a $75 keyboard, in a 7′ by 9′ “room” I was subletting, when I first moved to Brooklyn in 2005.  No one besides my room mates and Brad even heard it for almost a year.  I felt like a tiny speck in a big cosmos, I couldn’t make a wave if I tried.  But, eventually we formed a band and people did get to hear it and it actually became an audience favorite.  We performed it in clubs all over the city and won a battle of the bands with a first prize of a day at a recording studio.  Thanks to modern technology that album was spread all over the world.  It caught the ears of the right people at the right time and now an incredible arrangement, by director and composer Vince Peterson, is going to be sung by an incredible choral ensemble in cities across the globe.

If that isn’t an illustration of the lyrics of that song, I don’t know what is.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on Chanticleer’s upcoming season and the process of this song’s choral arrangement and performance!

So Excited,

Erika Lloyd