Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Littlefield NYC – 622 Degraw Street, Brooklyn
Art reception FREE – $10 Music – Raffle

Did you know plastic has been slowly accumulating in the NW Pacific to form a garbage mass roughly 2x the size of Texas?! Join us for a night of art & music to reverse the spiral and combat the plastic vortex. Proceeds benefit – an organization who through expeditions, research and education is finding ways to reduce its size and keep plastic from entering the ocean in the first place.

We go on at 7p!  Followed by…

The Robin Electric

Panoramic & True

Whale Belly

This is my first attempt at creating animation to further express a song.  Guess what… I’m hooked!  If you haven’t noticed, by the Little Grey Girlfriend Comic, I also love to draw.  I guess this isn’t quite animation, but I’m getting there.

If you’re curious about the images used or the meaning of the song, I wrote a pretty long description accompanying the video on youtube.  All of our song lyrics can also be found by clicking on an album in the drop down menu above.  “Shock Value” was released on our recent album, Green-Wood EP.

Erika Lloyd

Where? 256 Grand St. (Williamsburg) Brooklyn.
What time? 9:30-11pm on  Aug 11.
There’s an open bar?! Yes, from 8-9 with $6 admission.

visit The Trash Bar fo’ mo’ info

Our latest release just got a great review by photojournalist and blogger, Will Bradford of Virtual Muse!  The blog is concise and complimentary, a perfect summary of our music and nice take on the album, check it out here.

Just in time for our CD Release Party Tomorrow!

Erika Lloyd

It’s Going to be an awesome CD Release Party!  Fri July 23rd at 7:30pm.  Be there!