Here’s a great photo of Chanticleer, Vince Peterson, and me!  On April 6 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Chanticleer gave an enchanting performance of our song “Cells Planets.”  To learn more about this event and the musical collaboration, check out this article from NYC Art Scene:

Grammy-Winning Men’s Chorus Features Local Indie Music

In more recent news, we’re currently putting together a new song demo of “Lovesick for the World” and another cover video.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Until then,
Erika Lloyd

Erika was recently interviewed by San Fransisco Classical Voice about the use of Little Grey Girlfriend’s hit song “Cells Planets” by the Grammy Award winning choir, Chanticleer.  The article, Chanticleer: Out of This World touches on her similar philosophy of all-encompassing performance and writing and how the song was arranged for this choir.  It’s a cool article and a quick read, check it out!

“We’re certainly singing for the same reasons and about the same emotions. The Pixies really aren’t that far off from 11th-century troubadours.”
~Erika Lloyd

Thank you so much to everyone involved in making this video! We’ve been working on it for almost a year and it was well worth it! If one could even call it “work.” I had a blast.

So proud,
Erika Lloyd

Erika Lloyd‘s work in both Little Grey Girlfriend and her Renaissance quartet, The Good Pennyworths, was featured in the Entertainment section of The Buffalo News yesterday.

The article, Double Life; Singer in Fine Voice as an Indie Rocker, in Elizabethan Quartet covers everything from vocal technique, to performance practice, to connecting with an audience, and how she deals with those issues in both groups.  It’s a really interesting article, check it out!